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Uses and characteristics of aluminum coating machine

Time: 2021-07-01 10:36:51


Uses and characteristics of aluminum coating machine

The aluminum coating machine needs to be coated as the base material, and the plated material is called the plating material. The substrate and the plated material are in the same vacuum chamber. So today I will explain some important information with everyone. Let ’s take a look at the purpose of aluminum coating machine: 
1. It has the characteristics of fast pumping speed, large exhaust volume, high vacuum, low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, and stable performance. 
2. It is mainly used to plate metal aluminum on the surface of rolled plastic films such as PET, CPP, OPP, PVC, PE, etc. It is suitable for clothing, packaging, printing, anti-counterfeiting, and electronics industries. 
3. Flexible packaging for the food industry: biscuits and bakery products, candy, coffee, tea, chocolate bars, soups, high barrier films.

4, decoration: gift packaging, trademarks, hot stamping foil, holographic, etc. 
5, a variety of technical and daily necessities: aluminized wire in the textile industry, sunscreen films for the construction and automotive industries. 
Features of magnetic aluminum plating machine: 
1. The winding system adopts high-precision AC frequency conversion speed regulation, which runs smoothly and with high speed; it does not scratch, wrinkle, and neatly wind the end surface of the original coil. 
2. The tension control adopts imported digital tension control system, which has the characteristics of constant tension, constant linear speed and fast movement. 
3. The vacuum system is well-configured, the air extraction rate is fast, and PLC control is adopted. 
4. The heating system uses a high-power power supply, with high coating efficiency and good film uniformity. 
5. The evaporation source system can be removed from the other end of the vacuum chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance. 
The aluminum coating machine has a wide range of applications, and can obtain a variety of coatings with different properties. Suitable for coating aluminum film on plastic, ceramic, metal and other materials. Adding a set of gasification source can realize the direct coating of a protective film after the aluminum film is evaporated on the vertical coating machine to prevent the aluminum film from being corroded by the atmosphere and other media. The reflectivity (brightness) is protected for a long time without decay.




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