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Maintenance of aluminum plating machine diffusion pump

Time: 2021-07-01 10:37:59


Maintenance of aluminum plating machine diffusion pump

The diffusion pump is one of the components of the aluminizing machine . In order for the machine to operate in a relatively good state, it is usually important to maintain and maintain the diffusion pump. Today I will share with you the knowledge of maintenance and maintenance of its diffusion pump! 
1. The cooling water needs to be unblocked during the operation of the diffusion pump. After stopping the heating, it is necessary to ensure that the working fluid of the pump has completely cooled before turning off the cooling water. 
2. When the diffusion pump stops working, the vacuum inside the pump should be maintained to prevent the pump oil from deteriorating. 
3. The gas to be pumped should be a dry, non-corrosive and dust-free gas. 
4. If the diffusion pump of the aluminizing machine is not used temporarily, the vacuum state should be maintained during storage to avoid pump oil pollution and corrosion of various parts, and to blow away the remaining water in the cooling water jacket. Keep the room temperature between 10-40 degrees Celsius.

5. The performance of the diffusion pump will gradually deteriorate after long-term work, and it should be checked regularly. For example: whether the pump oil is reduced or oxidized, refuel or replace it according to the corresponding requirements; first clean the parts and pump cavity with aviation gasoline, then scrub with acetone, and dry at 80-100 degrees Celsius or blow dry with a hair dryer . After processing, assemble in sequence, keep the pump core perpendicular to the pump bottom and concentric with the pump cavity, and adjust the nozzle gaps at all levels according to the original requirements. 
6. After the water has evaporated, install the pump core, add new diffusion pump oil, and replace the body, connect the water pipe, and install the electric stove plate, and then restart. 
7. Before restarting, pay attention to leak detection. The method is: start the aluminizing machine maintenance pump and close the vacuum chamber door. After a few minutes, check whether the seal is leaking or damaged. Do not heat until the hidden danger of air leakage is eliminated, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn out and cannot enter the working state.




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