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Function, characteristics and application fields of conductive cloth

Time: 2021-07-01 10:38:41


Function, characteristics and application fields of conductive cloth

The conductive cloth forms a continuous phase structure to provide fiber conductivity. Polyester is prone to static electricity. Conductive fibers make the fabric conductive. Conductive fibers release static electricity to the human body through conductive fibers. 
1. The conductive cloth has the following functions: 
1. Excellent antistatic performance and washability. 
2. It can eliminate the harm of static electricity to people, and eliminate the unpleasantness caused by static electricity when the human body is in motion, wearing and taking off. 
3. It can eliminate the clothes caused by static electricity. These clothes are close to the body and tangled, it is not easy to dust, and it is resistant to dirt and easy to wash. 
4. In the electronic instrument industry, it can prevent static electricity from damaging and aging electronic components; in the petrochemical industry, it can prevent the harm caused by static electricity.

Second, the characteristics of conductive cloth: 
1. Has good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic wave shielding effect, soft, easy to process, stamp, and cover. 
2. Bending durability. 
3. Contains non-combustible materials. 
4, surface coating secondary processing and adhesion is good. 
Application fields: 
1. Used for microelectronic assembly, including the connection of filaments and printed circuits, electroplated substrates, metal layers of ceramic adherends, metal chassis, connections between leads and sockets, bonding components and flat holes, keys in printed circuits Combined waveguide tuning and hole repair. 
2. When an oxide film is formed during the welding process, conductive glue is used instead of spot welding, and the welding temperature is higher than the resistance. As a substitute crystal of tin-lead solder, conductive adhesive is mainly used in telephone and mobile communication systems, broadcasting, television, computer and other industries, automotive industry, medical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility and other aspects. 
3. Another application is to combine electrode plates with magnet crystals in ferroelectric devices. Due to the deposition of soldering temperature, conductive glue can replace the soldering of flux and crystals. When the welding temperature is not suitable, the other uses conductive adhesive. 
4, can form a joint with greater strength, can be used as a structural adhesive.




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