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Application of induction evaporation coating machine

Time: 2021-07-01 10:41:17


Application of induction evaporation coating machine

Induction evaporation coating machine is mainly composed of four parts: vacuum chamber, exhaust system, evaporation system and electrical equipment. 
Application of induction evaporation coating machine: 
It is used for the experiment of physical and chemical properties of organic semiconductor materials, the principle experiment of organic semiconductor devices, the experiment of organic light emitting diodes and the experiment of organic solar thin film batteries. It can be applied to the research of thin film materials in universities and small batch preparation. 
In order to improve the uniformity of the coating thickness, the vacuum chamber plating clamp uses a planetary mechanism or a rotary + rotary motion device. If the planetary motion method is adopted, the motion method has good film formation uniformity, good step coverage performance, and bearing capacity of the plated part. It can reasonably make use of the space of the vacuum coating chamber, which is a commonly used exercise mode at present.

Materials such as evaporated metals and compounds are placed in the crucible or hung on a hot wire as an evaporation source. Metal, ceramic, plastic and other workpieces to be plated are placed in front of the crucible. Evaporation is the process by which a substance is heated to a solid surface. Electrical equipment includes measurement of vacuum and film thickness as well as a console. Therefore, the exhaust system not only needs to obtain low pressure in a short time to ensure a faster working cycle, but also needs to ensure that the gas generated from the steam source and the surface of the work object is cleaned up quickly during the steam coating process. In order to increase the pump speed, a booster pump can be added between the mechanical pump and the diffusion pump. Evaporate the atoms or molecules of a substance. 
The evaporation source commonly used in induction evaporation coating machines is a device that heats the evaporation of thin film materials. The vacuum chamber is where the plated parts are placed and coated. Stainless steel with water cooling. After the system is evacuated to a high vacuum, the crucible is heated to evaporate its contents. The evaporation system includes an evaporation source and electrical equipment for heating the evaporation source. 
The structure of the steam source solves the problem of easy leakage of the steam source, greatly shortens the evacuation time, improves the vacuum degree, and guarantees the quality of the aluminum coating. The structure is easy to clean, and the cleaning time is shortened by more than half. This machine is suitable for laser aluminized film, cpp, pet, bopp and other printed films. 




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