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Advantages, characteristics and structure of suspension coating machine

Time: 2021-07-01 10:42:13


Advantages, characteristics and structure of suspension coating machine

Suspension type coating machine has fast coating efficiency and improves production capacity by 50-80; realizes no empty line, no side line, no wrinkle, no aluminum slag splashing; evaporation boat top clip, staggered arrangement, more uniform coating; surface temperature Uniform, better cooling effect, small thermal deformation of the film, and no reduction in surface tension; suitable for low-tension films CPP, PE, BOPP, etc. 
I. Coating advantages of suspension coating machine ◎ Novel suspension coating design, saving more roll changing and cleaning time for coating production; 
◎ The world's coating speed, efficiency, increase production capacity by 50-80; 
◎ Achieve no plated line, no edge line, no wrinkles, no aluminum slag splashing; 
◎ The coating is more uniform, the cooling effect is better, the thermal deformation of the film is small, and the surface tension does not decay; 
◎ Suitable for low tension film CPP, PE, BOPP, etc.

Features of Suspension Coating Machine ◎ Vacuum Chamber: Square or Round ◎ Structure: Suspension ◎ Application: Food Packaging Film, Medical Packaging Film, Cigarette Aluminized Film, Transfer Aluminized Paper, Laser Security, Hot Stamping High speed and stability ◎ Winding system: novel suspension coating design, quicker roll change and easier maintenance; 
Multi-level flattening system, the coating is smoother and the quality is higher; 
Double cold drum design, better cooling, lower coating temperature, faster speed, up to 1000 m / min; 
◎ Aluminum evaporation system: overhead evaporation source structure, staggered arrangement, uniform evaporation, increased evaporation rate and easy cleaning; 
◎ Evaporation system design, the failure rate is reduced to low; 
Stepping wire feeding system to ensure coating uniformity; 
◎ High-precision AC servo motor drive, four-roller four-motor constant tension winding, more stable control; 
High precision digital power evaporation control; 
plc control stepping drive aluminum wire system, more stable; 
Roller monitoring technology; 
◎ Vacuum system: Adopting variable frequency speed regulation and large pumping system for pumping, the pumping speed is faster and more energy efficient; double cold trap configuration. 
Structure of suspension coating machine ◎ Vacuum chamber: square ◎ Coating method: suspension ◎ Application: food packaging film, medical packaging film, cigarette pack aluminized film, 
◎ Performance: High speed and stability ◎ Winding system: Innovative suspension coating design, fast roll change and more convenient maintenance; Multi-level flattening system, coating is smoother and higher quality; Isothermal cold drum design, uniform cooling, coating The temperature is lower and the speed is faster, which can reach 840-1000m / min. 
Improve evaporation rate, easy to clean; evaporation system design, low failure rate. Driven by Siemens AC servo motor with high accuracy, four rollers and four motors with constant tension winding, the tension control is more stable; Digital power modulation evaporation control with higher accuracy; PLC controlled step drive aluminum wire feeding system, which is more stable and guarantees coating uniformity ; 
Online coating thickness measurement and control technology to ensure product quality. 
◎ Vacuum system: Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, Roots pump unit oil-free pumping system, faster pumping speed, more energy-saving; equipped with low temperature cold trap, suitable for a variety of climate environments.




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